American / Romanian Student Internship Program


It is our strong belief that by establishing strong ties between the people of two countries on a personal level, while empowering the young generation, we can contribute to the spreading of the ideas of Democracy and Free Enterprise upon which this country is built.

The program offers students from Romania an opportunity to experience a period of actual work and living in the US, and at the same time for American families to be exposed to the culture and talent of the Romanian people, as well as to the challenges their country is facing now.

The internship program is to give selected, highly qualified Romanian students access to emerging technologies and provide them with a hands-on experience in the global market, as well as exposure to the American life and values.

We hope that the students who will participate will be able to return home with a better understanding of Democracy and Free Market Economy and will be able to promote these ideas when their turn comes to be in a leadership role, thus strengthening the ties between the two countries and promoting better understanding.

Program Guidelines

The organizer body is voluntary and it must have the full support of the governments, universities and companies involved.

The entirely voluntary committee will ensure diversity and fairness and will have to monitor the process and prevent problems before they occur.

The Students will be working mostly in High Tech Companies and will be living at the homes of Host Families.

Similar programs do exist with other countries and, from our personal experience; they are very efficient and beneficial.

Clear criteria for student selection has been established, based on the academic achievements, ability to speak English, work experience, and personality.

The program is geared towards students in their bachelor degree years; students enrolled in the masters degree studies or in their last (graduation) year, do not qualify.

In the same fashion, clear criteria have been established for the selection of hosting families: financially and socially stable, capable to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the students.

Regarding the companies, they need to be legally incorporated, and, whenever possible, have employees of Romanian origin who would be able and willing to facilitate the participation in the program.

Matching the Company’s Needs and Student Qualifications

The program is structured to match the particular needs of the American Firm with qualifications of students: preferences of field of study, language skills and level of experience. Candidates should expect a phone interview as part of the selection process.

Additional Student Responsibilities

Aside from their work duties, the students are goodwill ambassadors for Romania.

The Cost

The cost of the internship program shall be established to a value that will cover the student’s air travel, housing, car rental, living expenses and stipend for the ten-week program. The hosting company will pay this cost.

If you would like to participate in this program by sponsoring an intern for eight weeks during the summer, please send us a message.

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